Shintaro Koi farm

1986. Shintaro Koi farm – Mushigame village.

I think it was in this year I first ventured into this Koi house although I had passed by it many times before.

No-one was present so I just took a few moments to inspect the stocks.

The colours were dull and insipid and the varieties must have been 90% Sanke.

Conditions were excellent but I knew that I could not sell these Koi back in the UK and so I left after a few more minutes.

That just goes to show how bad my ‘Koi eye’ actually was back then.

I would never have considered buying any Koi from this farm.

I think it took me until 1995 when I began to see the light and you probably know the rest of the story because I have related it many times over.

My first impressions – ‘dull and insipid’.

Silly Peter!

Shintaro Koi farm

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