Do’s and Don’t 2009

The Basic Do’s & Don’ts of Koi Keeping 2009

The pages below were printed in the BKKS ‘KOI ‘80’ National Show programme but they started to be produced annually by the society around 1974 as guidelines for members. Yes, things have changed today, but those were the dark ages when few knew anything at all, if the truth was known at the time.

Printed in the BKKS ‘KOI ‘80’ National Show programme

I have decided to do some of my own ‘Basic Do’s & Don’ts for Koi Keeping in 2009’ here are some which may be of use to some readers, especially newcomers to the hobby. Here goes, in no order at all: –

  • Don’t

    Use a pond liner

    Build a Koi pond less than five feet deep

    Build a Koi pond that holds less than 2,000 gallons of water

    ‘Pump-feed’ your filter

    Build a pond without ‘proper’ bottom drain/s

    Buy ‘retro-drains’

    Buy ANY form of ‘pressurised’ filters

    Buy ANY ready-made filters without first being absolutely sure that they are perfect for your own needs and you also understand their installation requirements

    Buy your Koi from general garden centres; eBay and ‘on-line only’ outlets

    Buy off-the-shelf ‘Medications’ in pretty display packs – they do not work

    Buy ‘household drainage specification’ pipe work and fittings for your pond

    Buy any slide valves

    Believe all you read in ‘Specialist Koi Magazines’

    ‘Compromise’ in an attempt to ‘save’ money – it’s FAR too expensive!

  • Do

    Build your pond in concrete

    ‘Gravity-feed’ your filter

    Remember and adopt the ‘One Drain to One filter to One pump’ principle

    Have a supplementary form of heating to your pond, even if it is never used

    Buy your Koi from a bona-fide Koi dealer with a good reputation and a healthy stock of fully-quarantined Koi – it’s cheaper by a mile!

    Own basic water test kits – pH; Nitrite; Ammonia & Dissolved Oxygen

    Try to get involved with a local Koi Club

    Use a ‘constant trickle’ of new water to your system and thus avoid large water changes; ‘top-ups’ and costly mains water purification units

    Get a microscope and learn how to use it

    Buy UPVC ‘pressure specification’ pipe work and fittings for your pond

    Feed genuine Koi foods

    Try to give your Koi the four seasons of the year

    Own a purpose-made Koi net & Koi bowl

    Try to attend Koi shows

    Try and visit other Koi ponds and get to know other Koi enthusiasts

All this advice is covered in greater detail throughout the respective pages of this site and this is just a ‘quick-read’’ page to highlight a few important areas that surround the hobby.

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