Time to check out our filtration systems

Blog 18/01/12

In many parts of the world right now we are in the winter season, which is an ideal time to check out our filtration systems.

It’s true still the vast majority of filtration systems used by Koi keepers today come under the general heading of ‘upward-flow boxes’ (link opens to ERIC Pond Filters).

There are many cases where these filters appear to be fine visually to the casual eye, but more often than not, this is not the case and I have also explained the reasons why this catches many Koi enthusiasts unaware.

Please check this one out. (link opens to ERIC Pond Filters)

If you need further evidence to consider regarding the ultimate water flow-pattern in Koi pond filtration units also then please check this next link out.

How water actually moves forward constantly as a ‘block’. (link opens to ERIC Pond Filters)

Please be assured, it makes very good sense!


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