Yamakoshi Autumn 2011 Part Eight

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We were leaving for Narita on Sunday 30th October to fly home on the 31st so Saturday 29th October was the last day in Niigata.

The No-Gyo-Sai show was a ‘must see’ but when we arrived around midday very little of the judging had been completed. However we were allowed to walk around around the show to take some shots of the entries.

It was a very warm day with glorious sunshine, which makes a change, I think this was the 28th time I have visited the same show and generally it rains!

The show is sponsored by the Agricultural department of the Ojiya local government office to tempt the breeders to display the best Koi they have produced in order to promote their businesses and further the hobby at the same time.

Needless to say, there are better Koi kept by the breeders but these will not be displayed until next January at the All-Japan show.

Here are some of the entries we photographed, here’s an entry pond with some unusual varieties.

 entry pond with some unusual varieties.

Doitsu Sanke.

Doitsu Sanke Peter Waddington

Tancho Kawarigoi.

Tancho Kawarigoi.

Gin Rin Showa.

Gin Rin Showa.

Yes Please!

Yes Please!



Lovely quality.

Lovely quality

Reunion with Hashino san.

Reunion with Hashino san.

Gin Rin Tancho Kohaku.

Gin Rin Tancho Kohaku

Two dragons.

Two dragons.


Beautiful kohaku



Gin Rin Kohaku.

Gin Rin Kohaku

Orenji Matsuba.

Orenji Matsuba

Shiro Utsuri.

Shiro Utsuri

Gin Rin Showa.

Gin Rin Showa

Goshiki, lovely pattern.

Goshiki, lovely pattern

Susan likes Hi Utsuri.

Susan likes Hi Utsuri

Shiro Bekko.

Shiro Bekko

Rain on autumn leaves.

Rain on autumn leaves



Chrysanthemum Flower.

Chrysanthemum Flower

Tancho Sakura Ogon.

Tancho Sakura Ogon

Big girls.

Big girls



And another!

And another

Oh well…..

Oh well

Large Hegeshiro.

Large Hegeshiro

Two at once!

Two at once!



Last of the show shots.

Last of the show shots

I didn’t get a chance to study the smaller entries but the overall quality of larger entries was definitely the best I’ve seen at this event.

Hope you enjoyed them, more soon.

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