Yagenji Koi farm

1986. ‘Yagenji Koi farm – Mushigame village.

Shoji Tanaka first introduced me to this outlet as the owner, Yaiichi Ishihara and he, were close friends.

This farm is perched high above Mushigame village and the view of Mushigame from his house is superb.

Although I was welcomed by Yaiichi on that first meeting I was not at ease really. It was to take many more return visits for me to become accepted there.

On reflection I think it was around 1994 or so before I made the first of many purchases there and this was greatly helped by the arrival of his two sons Daisuke and Toshinori into the business.

The condition of the Koi and the clarity of the water here has always been exceptional and the entire farm is always kept spotless.

My first impressions – ‘years of experience with very high prices’.

Yagenji Koi farm

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