Waddy’s Koi CV

Peter WaddingtonA word about my ‘Koi CV’ shown here, it is not intended to ‘impress’ and casual reader on their visit, but it is merely an open record of my contributions and achievements made to date during my journey of being a hopeless koi fanatic. People that really know me also know that, whilst I am very ‘direct, I am not in the slightest bit conceited nor am I an ‘expert’. I have insisted on publishing this for the very few readers who HATE to be reminded of myself and my CV and so I continue to bring this to their attention at every opportunity – they find the truth so difficult to swallow whilst I find it rewarding to be able to chuckle at their frustrations!

All this is merely the past, what matters now is how to continue along the road in order to try and improve the overall hobby – I assure you all, it CAN be done just as long as the word ‘truth’ is applied throughout.

‘Waddy’ – July 2009

Peter Waddington's Koi Show Awards and achievements

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