Koi Crazy

This book was written between 2005 to 2008 and the information within is as up-to-date as is possible for the hobby of keeping Koi in 2009. The contents page of the book gives a brief outline of all topics covered and the 11 chapters listed below have been written to detail, in full, every aspect of each topic.

1. Introduction to Nishikigoi.

2. History of Nishikigoi.

3. Koi varieities & Classifications.

4. The Pond.

5. The Filtration.

6. Temperature requirements.

7. Water keeping.

8. Feeding.

9. Parasitic & Bacterial detection and treatments.

10. Handling; Breeding; Showing; Quarantine etc.

11. The famous Koi breeders of Japan.

I have written the book in mind of ALL classes of Koi enthusiasts, ranging from absolute beginners right through to those who are very experienced. Some pertinent information has been transferred from my first book ‘Koi Kichi’ in 1995, some has been transferred from my second book ‘Koi2Kichi’ in 2004 and the majority is new material I have prepared since then.

In order to be able to retail this presentation at a very economical price today, I chose not to take up valuable pages with entire wasted pages, whole page photographs, oversized graphics and other embellishments which only serve, in my eyes, as very expensive padding. Instead, each of the pages in this book contains only ‘easy-to-read, black-on-white text and relevant photographs’ thus, as you will see upon inspection, every single page is full to the brim with accurate and up to the minute information.

Having closely inspected the finished article, I consider this book to be the very best available today, (at any price), on the entire subject of keeping and understanding Nishikigoi.

Koi Crazy By Peter Waddington

Price £27.50 + £2.50 UK p/p – total £30.00

* For those outside of the UK wishing to purchase please email infilkoi@googlemail.com for delivery costs.

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