Many of my school chums often pointed out a girl at our same school by the name of Susan Bunney, upon seeing her for a few times it was then that I first discovered that there was much more to life than football and cricket.

In later years whilst writing an article in my hotel room in Nagaoka, I was trying to describe a truly magnificent Kohaku I had seen for sale at the time. I mentioned in the article that the Koi was almost as exciting as I was in my younger days whilst ‘Waiting at the gates of East End Park in Leeds for the beautiful Susan Bunney to meet me at the appointed time’.

The article went out and I forgot all about it, until some months later when one of the guys said ‘Pete, there’s a Susan Bunney on the line’. I picked up the phone to find it was the Susan Bunney herself, she was working at a television studio in Leeds and one of her workmates was a Koi fanatic who had shown her my article. She was happily married with two children and we spoke about the old times before the end of the conversation. I put the phone down and looked upwards in wonder, in my mind I had just been speaking to the same beauty queen who captivated all the guys hearts at school. I could still see the clothes she was wearing that night at East End Park!

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