My very first TRADE SALE

A few weeks after opening Infiltration Ltd., in May 1982, a young guy came in and started to look at the Koi for sale. There was a pond containing 5” Kohaku and he spent some time looking at them. He came over and asked if he could buy these at a discount rate for a quantity of 25 as his father had a small garden centre outlet nearby. We came to a deal and I said I would go back with him and check the pond he was going to offer them for sale from.

On arrival, it was indeed a small outlet and he lived on site in a large ‘portacabin’. We placed the Koi in a reasonable container that had a small filter and some aeration. He invited me into his cabin for a coffee where there was a large drum kit set up. He said he played drums for local bands for extra income and also provided vocals on rare occasions.

Some six years later he became a world superstar of the times known by the name of Rick Astley but that’s another story.

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