A visit from Royalty

Whilst trading alone from my home in the late 1970’s, I woke one day to see a shiny new Alfa-Romeo outside the house, there were a couple of people inside. I busied myself getting washed, dressed and put the kettle on before going out to ask if they wished to see me. They were both very well spoken and delighted when I invited them in for coffee.

They told me they were new to keeping Koi but both were very enthusiastic in their new-found hobby and had found my address from the BKKS monthly magazine. We discussed effective medications and various other matters and they left that day with five new Koi.

They were a charming couple and obviously besotted with each other. They returned several times to buy more Koi, on one occasion, they left their card and gave an open invite for me to pop in to their home if passing by the area to see their Koi and ponds.

I looked at the card later and discovered that their home was a medium-sized castle in the grounds of a large estate.

They were, in fact, the Duke and Duchess of Worcester!

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