‘New Pond Syndrome’ (NPS) is a term often used when enthusiasts buy a new filter system.

The retailer and the enthusiast’s friends both warn the enthusiast that in order to ‘mature’ the new system, he and his Koi are sure to experience a period of living hell that can last six months or more before the filter finally decides to stabilise.

They also point out quite clearly that to get to this stage, without losing a few Koi in the process, should be accepted, as every enthusiast MUST go through this stage.

They also mention that many large water changes will have to be made in order to avoid toxic water poisoning.

I’m surprised that anyone would be stupid enough to take up the hobby after that kind of warning!

NPS does exist and can last up to six months, but only with some filter systems.

If the seller points out this warning before you buy the filter, I strongly suggest you look for another filter system that doesn’t carry the warning or phone another friend.

I’d also be VERY wary of those units with feed rate restrictions.

My filter systems are usually mature in around 20 days but the Koi in the pond never show any adverse effects at all and users have proved this on many occasions.

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