Ogawa Koi farm

1983. The Ogawa Koi farm in Sasebo.

This outlet is way down south near Nagasaki and, whilst it is very famous for the production of some world class Go-Sanke, the costs involved in getting there, staying there and the time involved did not, in my opinion, warrant further visits on my part.

My thoughts were re-inforced when the elderly owner offered me three very large Koi, one Kohaku, one Purachina and one Sanke totally free from any advance payment and advised me I could pay him after I had sold them!

He then went on to write down his prices to me for each Koi and my eyes began to water. These three Koi were simply ‘lumps’ – all had deformities and blemishes on many parts of the body. For the price he was asking I could have returned to Niigata and bought the same junk quality from any auction site for 5% of the quoted cost.

Ogawa San made the bad mistake of insulting my experience (then in its formative years) but that ended any future dealings I may have had with this outlet.

My first impressions – ‘would you buy a used car here’?

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