Narita Koi Farm

1983. – Narita Koi farm – Komaki, Nagoya.

Megumi Yoshida first took me here in April 1983, Ryuzo Narita and Megumi spent a few years together in the USA attempting to breed Koi there but returned after finding the ground conditions were not really suitable.

This retail outlet is huge with many ponds both outdoor and indoor and many Japanese enthusiasts were visiting the store when I arrived.

Ryuzo purchases his large selection of Nishikigoi stocks from just about every breeder in many parts of Japan.

He also stocks just about every Koi ‘dry goods’ item that is produced ranging from the smallest air valve right through to the massive Wakishimizu filter systems.

Ryuzo has always liked unusual varieties and I saw my first Chagoi and Ochibashigure there and bought them to introduce to UK collectors. After I first introduced them they were hard to sell but really started to take off some five years later when some collectors insisted they ‘tamed’ other Koi in their ponds!

My first impressions after seeing this outlet were ‘busy, busy, busy’!

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