Miyatora Koi farm

1984. Miyatora Koi farm – Araya village.

When I first arrived I discovered that the owner of this outlet was the brother of Mr. Miya of Miyaishi covered earlier.

There were small shallow concrete outdoor ponds and one small indoor Koi house. In 1990 two, much larger, indoor Koi houses were constructed.

The outlet is accessed by crossing a small bridge, parking one’s vehicle and walking down the steep concrete pad to the main dwelling house on the left below.

Araya village is tiny and situated on the main road linking Utogi to Aikawa and Budokubo.

This is a serious Nishikigoi outlet and is famous throughout Japan for producing Sanke from Kichinai lines and Kohaku from the delicate Sensuke bloodlines. I have also found world class Kujaku there and one very memorable Shiro Utsuri.

For reasons unknown to me I have never felt quite at ease here despite my many visits and I never really know if I am welcome or not.

Today son Katsunori Miya operates Miyatora on a daily basis.

My first impressions – ‘a wealth of expertise and history flawed by a significant personality by-pass’.

Miyatora Koi farm

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