Isa Ojiya City

Isa, Ojiya City.
This outlet is on the main route 17 near Ojiya station. Only Go-Sanke varieties are found here but superb Showa are the speciality.

Isa, Ojiya City.Mr. Isa has played a great part in the promotion of Nishikigoi throughout the Yamakoshi area.

I was first taken here by Hiroshi Kawakami in 1983 although I did not buy Koi from here until 1992 because I always seemed to make visits before the Koi were displayed or after they had been sold.

In 1998 I asked Toshio Sakai to name his choices of the best 10 Koi breeders in Japan – Mr. Isa was mid-way down the list. A quality outlet indeed.

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