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There have been several books written about koi and koi keeping. This book is written, to highlight the difference between keeping koi in close to optimum conditions rather than conditions in which they will only survive. It provides valuable information for anyone planning to build a new koi pond as well as supplying useful information on the management and upgrading of existing ponds.

It draws attention to the fact that water supplies can vary widely from one area to another and gives details of “good water” with respect to koi keeping and other species commonly kept in garden ponds.

Tropical marine fish have evolved where the temperatures and water conditions are extremely stable; to successfully keep these fish in aquariums it is essential to mimic as closely as possible, the exact conditions of their home environment. Some species of freshwater fish require narrow bands of water hardness and temperature in which to survive; typically, discus are known to require “soft” water in which to live and breed, whereas Rift Valley cichlids need hard water.

Koi are quite different; perhaps one of the reasons for their widespread popularity is due to the fact that they are exceptionally obliging, and will tolerate a wide range of water temperatures and conditions from “soft” to “hard” water.

In order to keep koi, and at the same time enjoy the experience by avoiding the many disasters that many koi keepers seem to encounter, it may make sense to learn about the conditions that are optimum for them.

With fish as obliging as koi, it can be difficult to define these optimum conditions and numerous contradictory opinions exist on this subject.

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