Hoshiyone Koi farm

1983. Hoshiyone Koi farm – Takezawa village.

On my first visit the narrow dirt road to the farm could have been missed had it not been for a stake of wood in the roadside with a hand drawn Koi and a direction arrow.

Most of the breeders in Takezawa are situated next to each other at the top of the village where now stands the stone commemorating the birthplace of Nishikigoi.

In those days it was run by the elderly father, a very friendly traditional-style breeder. There were very good sansai Purachina and Kujaku for sale there as well as a few exceptional Gin Matsuba in larger sizes.

Concrete ponds displaying Koi were to the front of the house and, to the rear, a small indoor house containing tosai.

I was taken to another concrete house by truck which was only a few hundred yards away next to one of his mud ponds down below. The ponds inside the house contained larger Koi and parent stocks where I bought two or three large Hikarimuji varieties.

The outlet has since been taken over many years ago by his son Takeo and this outlet has always been worth a visit for me.

My first impressions – ‘tranquility and tradition’.

Hoshiyone Koi farm

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