Had to include this, I saw this banner advertisement at a recent Koi show and chortled, I suppose it is intended to reflect these days of dire desperation in the Koi business.

I suppose for anyone interested in seeing a bullfight in Koguriyama then this is indeed a good deal on the odd Sunday afternoon when they are held. It is a nice couple of hours of harmless entertainment where beer and food can also be purchased very cheaply to add to the enjoyment but hardly worth the cost of the airfare, hotels and travel expenses.

On seeing this, I considered that it may well be of interest to Koi enthusiasts to duck out of the bullfight after a few minutes and then take a short walk down into the village to see the Koi breeders there, providing the organisers have no objections. Who knows this very enticing free offer may also include visits to some of these Koi outlets as well?

Some well-meaning benefactor who simply wishes to promote the area has obviously made the offer with us all in mind and it should be openly applauded.

However, I suggest you do check around first, I heard that another company is offering all this with free hotels included.

It is said that there is another company offering free hotels, a packed lunch and evening meals.

I have even heard whispers that another very generous company is even adding a 75% reduction in airfares and will make a full years mortgage payments for you as well!

Perhaps it’s better to kick your heels at the moment to see if one of these companies can also supply someone with an eye for both bulls and Koi to also be able guide you to the bulls and Koi of value – you know, some kind of proven track record – it may be valuable?

Thankfully, I have never had the need to stoop to advertise ‘Trips to Japan’ although countless folks have accompanied me over the years after they first contacted me – not the other way round.

I reckon I’m just an old-fashioned guy because I charge a commission whether it’s bulls or Koi you wish to buy.

By the way, I can also get Kimonos; Samurai swords; latest camera equipment; cheap Koi foods; the latest Lexus and even take you for a visit to local temples – Fukushoji is quite magnificent and you’ll even get a cup of ‘ocha’ thrown in for free!

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