The Koi People I Respect

Dennis Wordsworth

Dennis Wordsworth holding Koi(Den to most of us) – he’s been working daily with Koi since 1983 and he’s been working with me since 1990. Very few others know all the roads and the back roads of Yamakoshi like he does. His ‘Koi Eye’ is one of the best I know of outside of Japan and it should be, he’s handled a few of the very best Koi ever to have left Japan. If you have a problem with your Koi or your pond, you could do much worse than contact this man – he’s a pro! Reach him at Coldstream Koi

Sean Hunter

Sean Hunter Fiber glassing Koi PondSets the bars for professional Koi Pond Installation from breaking ground to final landscaping. Sean did most of the work on my own system and I only use the very best – from bitter experience of the rest. Sean is also a ‘thinker’ as well as a ‘doer’; he’s installed some of the finest no-compromise Koi pond systems in the UK. Take a look at his fine website at Top Ponds or email him at Email Top Ponds and form your own opinions.

Maurice Cox

Maurice Cox Koi UKMaurice breeds superb Koi and that’s all he does, but believe me – he does it properly! I have watched him on several occasions in Japan at some of the finest Koi breeders in the world, selecting his parent stocks and these are all here in the UK. As to his farm, ‘impressive’ is an understatement, as to being ‘dedicated’ that is also an understatement. If you wish to see some of the best Koi outside of Japan, pay Maurice a visit but prepare for a day of sheer wonder! His website is

Matt Cameron

Matt CameronThe new kid on the block and a welcome injection of ‘young blood’ into the UK Koi business. Matt spent a few years with Dennis Wordsworth and myself before going it alone, he has the ability and the knowledge that is vital. In recent months I have needed someone both knowledgeable and able to install complex pipelines and equipment into my pond designs and Matt has always come out with flying colours. He is a worthy all-rounder who runs his own Koi business, knows how to medicate/handle Koi and also builds Koi ponds from start to finish. Check Matt out at

Mike Snaden

Mike SnadenSells classy Koi and that’s what he’s all about! He won’t have any in the £50.00 price range because his water space is far too precious. Mike knows a thing or two about Koi and his talented ‘eye’ and ability to find Koi in Japan has been earned over some years now. If you are looking for special Koi or genuine high quality tategoi then Mike’s the man to visit as one of only a very few options available today in the UK. Check him out on

Ken Wilkie

Ken WilkieOwns The Koi Collection near Coventry which has earned the reputation of being an ‘Aladdin’s Cave’ for Koi enthusiasts from all over the UK. Apart from having an impressive selection of ‘Japanese – Only Koi’ in just about every price range, his dry goods selection includes just about everything the Koi keeper can possibly need – all right there on the premises. I first visited Ken in 2008 to be blown away by more available and good ‘Koi Water’ than I have seen anywhere else in the UK. More to the point, it’s always kept in immaculate condition! Take a look at

Dave Dyson

Dave DysonOwns Cascade Water Gardens with outlets in North Manchester and Harrogate, he’s been a Koi Man for as long as I can recall – he’s also forgotten more than most others! His Koi knowledge is impeccable as is his approach to presentation and professionalism. More than that, he’s a gentleman, a fine human being and honesty with humour comes for free – all as part of the package. Find him at

Mike Hernandez

Mike HernandezI’ve spent many pleasurable times with Mike who is always accompanied by his lovely lady Gleci, they are both Koi Kichi! He has two superb Koi outlets today, the first in the Philippines and a new outlet in California. We have met in Japan on many occasions both in the mountains and at the All-Japan show. I also spent some memorable times with them both during a stay in the Philippines whilst giving lectures. You can reach him on

Max Ng

Max NgIn my early days of exploring all the Koi areas of Japan, I would often travel with Max in the days when he was very young. Max has always had the Koi fire in his eyes and we shared many happy and educational days of learning together. He has a large and impressive Koi outlet in Singapore and his Koi have won many major awards in South East Asia. I spent a few happy days with him in Singapore when I visited to do signings for ‘Koi Kichi’.
You can reach Max at

Charly Saervold

Charly SaervoldIs the real pioneer for Koi in Norway assisted by his lady Kirsten. He has many Koi plans ahead and has much practical ability to see them to fruition. He also is lucky enough to live in the most beautiful part of the world I have ever visited. Visit his website which is simply –

Jason Williams & Danny

Jason Williams & Danny JBR PlasticsI dealt with Jason’s father for many years for all my UPVC fabricated designs such as drains; skimmers; special fittings and many one-off items I required. Sadly some years ago he passed away. Jason his son took over the helm of JBR Plastics afterwards where he continues making various specialised fabricated pond fittings for Koi outlets all around the UK as well as some in other countries. Jason (left) & Danny work as a team, it is likely that many of the bottom drains and custom skimmers in use today have come from these guys originally. Today I am using JBR for all my specialised pond and filtration requirements. JBR Plastics is based at Rainford near St. Helens in Mersyside.

Contact them at

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